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Question List

Here is a list of questions that were submitted for the 2008 Forum on California's Water Resources

How many acres of agriculture use water from the Delta watershed for irrigation? What are the crops that are grown on Delta watershed water?
What would it take to convert agriculture in California to high value food crops without decreasing agriculture acerage? Where is the market for the rice, cotton and alfalfa grown in CA? Can we be more deliberate about how our agricultural lands are used?
Could some diked-in tracts in the Delta be transformed into fresh-water reservoirs, which might help address water shortages, reduce the risk of sea water intrusion (in an earthquake), and justify the investment to reinforce the dikes around those tracts?
How many years might it take before our salmon population returns to normal? Is there anything I can do to help?
When the "big one" hits, will the levee system and our delta water supply be affected? If so, how?
How often are our levees inspected and are the reports made public?
What will happen to our delta system if sea level rises?
I hear that all water has already been claimed in the state. Am I allowed to drill a well in my backyard? Does it matter where I live if I want to use groundwater under my land?
Please explain why salt water will flood the delta islands if the levees break. How will that impact the fresh water pumped from the delta?
Why is water so cheap? How is the price of water determined?
What Bay area communities drink water from the Delta?
What are the predictions of impact on water quantity and quality in California as we experience global warming?
What can I do as a voting citizen to express my concerns about the water crisis in California?
How much do politics and big corporations influence water management?
When the levees fail, will shipping be affected, and if so, will dredging or whatever needs to be done be expensive or take very long?
What effect do goldrush mining chemicals and debris have on water quality now?
Is it true that we send massive amounts to water south to support southern California sprawl?
My question is why is water management such a political issue?
Who determines the quality of our water?